Anthony Foster

Anthony Foster

Anthony is a recognised OceanWatch Master Fisherman, successfully completing responsible and sustainable fishing practice training and assessment.


OceanWatch Master Fisherman Training Program

OceanWatch Master Fisherman training incorporates many aspects of responsible fishing including:

Quality assurance, threatened species, bycatch reduction devices and techniques, animal welfare and catch reporting, as well as water quality, habitat and pollution, indigenous fishing and workplace health and safety.

Training is facilitated by OceanWatch Australia, assessment overseen by the NSW Fishing Industry Training Committee, linked to the Seafood Industry Training Package Competency Unit and industry wide codes of practice.


Maritime Competencies

  • Coxwain Certification
  • Marine Engine Driver Grade 2 Certification

Food Safety

  • NSW Safe Seafood Plan (NSW Food Authority)
  • Biotoxin Management Plan Co-ordinator – Camden Haven (Fisheries Region 3)