What is the OceanWatch Master Fisherman program about?

The Master Fisherman program is designed to:
  • Improve and recognise the knowledge, skills, experience and professionalism of participating fishermen
  • Promote the sustainability of our fresh, local seafood
  • Provide information to consumers to help them value locally produced seafood

The project is overseen by NSW Fishing Industry Training Committee, and is supported by groups such as the Master Fish Merchants Association of Australia, Professional Fisherman’s Association, NSW DPI Fisheries, NSW Co-ops Association and the Sydney Fish Market.

See ‘Master Fishermen Profiles’ page for more information.

OceanWatch developed the OceanWatch Master Fisherman program as a direct response to identified NSW fishing industry priorities of people development and improvement of industry’s profile amongst the community.

The OceanWatch Master Fisherman Program is supported through funding from the NSW Government and OceanWatch Australia.