Fishing Methods

Shannon Cornelius

Shannon is endorsed to use the following fishing methods to responsibly harvest local sustainable seafood:

Hoop Net

A net which consists of one or more hoops in which netting is attached to form a conical shape. The hoop net sits on the ocean floor, and is retrieved using a length of rope which is attached to a buoy. These nets are used in coastal waters to catch blue crabs and sand crabs. A maximum of 10 nets can be used at one time.

Dab Net

A dab net is a conical shaped net which is attached to a hoop or ring which is attached to a rigid handle. These nets are primarily used to catch garfish so are commonly used at night, when garfish come to the surface. They are spotted using a light, then scooped out of the water and onto the boat.

Rod and Reel/Handline

Standard techniques where one or more baited hooks or lures are attached to a fishing line to capture various species of fish including squid.