Fishing Methods

Matthew Reeves

Matthew is endorsed to use the following fishing methods to responsibly harvest local sustainable seafood:

Cockle Rake

A cockle rake is a hand held device which is used to catch vongole and pipis. The rake is composed of a pole which is attached at one end with teeth or net. Vongole and Pipi have now been separated from the MSF and these are only used to collect bait.

Rod and Reel/Handline

Standard techniques where one or more baited hooks or lures are attached to a fishing line to capture various species of fish including squid.


Drop lining is an offshore fishing method used to target deep water fish species, primarily shark, morwong and bight redfish. A dropline consists of a length of heavy rope or line which is dropped vertically into the water column, with a desired number of baited hooks and is anchored by a weight at the bottom. A powered winch is often used to retrieve the line.