Ryan Golby

Phone : 0402626577
Food Safety : NSW Food Safety Training and Certification

Ryan Golby

Ryan Golby is a proud professional fisherman. He began fishing professionally in 2013, following in the footsteps of his father.

He is selling his catch with Great Lake Fisheries under R K Golby.

During summer, Ryan is trapping Blue Swimmer and Mud Crabs. As the weather cools down as does the water temperature, he starts looking for flathead, yellowfin bream, mullet, garfish and blackfish.

“I belive increasing the quality of my products is better than catching extra. I treat my fish and crabs with respect and never go to sea without copious amounts of ice ensuring the very best quality possible. By keeping my business small scale, I always have the freshest available seafood in smaller portions.”

Ryan is a recognised OceanWatch Master Fisherman, trained in responsible and sustainable fishing practices.