Paul Aquilina

Phone : 0416227902
Food Safety : NSW Seafood Plan

Paul Aquilina

Paul, better known as Nipper, is a recognised OceanWatch Master Fisherman, endorsed to fish in the NSW Estuary General Fishery and the Estuary Prawn Trawl Fishery.

He has been “living his best life” since the day he started fishing. If you see a young man on the Hawkesbury River with a little baby on his trawler in a Sydney Fish Market box, it’s him!

Paul is based out of the Hawkesbury River area, responsibly and sustainably harvesting freshwater eels and a variety of other estuary species for seafood consumers. He is fishing on the Rosie Jay.

Feel free to give him a call to try his fresh catch.

Picture: Paul’s partner, Alex, and Byron on the boat.

Paul is proud to be a recognised OceanWatch Master Fisherman, responsibly and sustainably harvesting local seafood for seafood consumers.