Fishing Methods

Nathan Sturdy

Nathan is endorsed to use the following fishing methods to responsibly harvest local sustainable seafood:

Crab Pot

A crab pot is a type of  trap which is either circular, rectangular or square in shape, designed to catch crabs. When set, the trap lays on the ocean floor and is attached to a rope which is suspended by a float.

Hoop Net

A net which consists of one or more hoops in which netting is attached to form a conical shape. The hoop net sits on the ocean floor, and is retrieved using a length of rope which is attached to a buoy. These nets are used in coastal waters to catch blue crabs and sand crabs. A maximum of 10 nets can be used at one time.

Tunnel Net

Tunnel nets are used along the coast or in estuaries in southern Queensland to target many species. The net is constructed of two long wings and a central pocket or ‘tunnel’. The net is staked in position to form a large arrow shape, with the wing ends circling inwards to lead escaping fish back into the net. The net relies on fish encountering the net as they move with the receding tide. The fish become concentrated in the tunnel, which remains in the water at low tide. The tunnel section is finally lifted on board a dinghy and emptied.