Matt Homann

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Maritime competency : Master 5
Food Safety : SFQ

Matt Homann

Since 2009 Matt Homann has supplied premium-quality Mud Crab, to customers across the nation and globe under MACA Seafoods.

Based in Gladstone, Queensland, Matt fishes the hundred-kilometre coastal mudflats and estuaries using a primary commercial fishing licence with attached endorsements to operate in the commercial crab fisheries.

The Gladstone Region is known among the Nation for producing some of the best seafood and this is reflected in our business mission to; take pride in our brand and species, which will provide motivation to catch and produce the world’s best crab product.

Known for our strong grading of produce and care of product, Matt is a first-generation fisherman and proud to be one of the leading suppliers of Mud Crab to the Australian Market.

With an operational home base, Matt launch’s his vessel daily and uses baited crab pots to catch mud crabs during the season which is primarily between December and June.