Fishing Methods

Glen Hill

Glen is endorsed to use the following fishing methods to responsibly harvest local sustainable seafood:

Gill Net

Gill netting is a technique which involves a length of netting held vertically in the water, usually suspended by a float line on the surface and leadline in contact with the seabed. Gill netting may be set for a restricted period or deployed and retrieved instantly, which is termed as a splash shot.

Dab Net

A dab net is a conical shaped net which is attached to a hoop or ring which is attached to a rigid handle. These nets are primarily used to catch garfish so are commonly used at night, when garfish come to the surface. They are spotted using a light, then scooped out of the water and onto the boat.

Fish Spear

A fish spear is a hand held method of fishing which involves impaling a fish with the sharp pointed end of the spear, using only human power.