Fishing Methods

Adrian Phillips

Adrian is endorsed to use the following fishing methods to responsibly harvest local sustainable seafood:

Gill Net

Gill netting is a technique which involves a length of netting held vertically in the water, usually suspended by a float line on the surface and leadline in contact with the seabed. Gill netting may be set for a restricted period or deployed and retrieved instantly, which is termed as a splash shot.

Swinger Net

Swinger nets are non-static gill nets in which a rope is attached and anchored to the shore or a boat. This netting relis on rips to drag the net out into the gutters.

Yabby Pot

A yabby pot is a trap which has a maximum of two entrance funnels, where yabbies enter and become trapped.  When set, the trap lays on the ocean floor and is attached to a rope which is suspended by a float.

Cockle Net

A cockle net is a hand held device which is designed to capture cockles. The net consists of a pole which has a flexible mesh bag mounted on a frame and attached to the end of the pole. It is used to capture cockles which are buried just below the surface of sand. Vongole and Pipi have now been separated from the MSF and these are only used to collect bait.