Fishing Methods

From Tide to Table

The following short videos illustrate some of the fishing methods New South Wales professional fisherman may use, within our estuaries and coastal waters, to harvest and supply us with our local seafood.

The methods used by individual OceanWatch Master Fishermen to harvest local seafood depends on individual endorsements holdings within the relevant fisheries.

NSW Estuary General Fishery

NSW Ocean Hauling Fishery

NSW Ocean Trawl Fishery

Ocean Fish Trawl
Fish Northern Zone, Southern Fish Trawl, Inshore Prawn Trawl, Offshore Prawn Trawl, Deepwater Prawn Trawl.

NSW Ocean Trap and Line Fishery

Demersal Fish Trap, Spanner Crab North, Spanner Crab South, Line Fishing West, Line Fishing East.

NSW Estuary Prawn Trawl Fishery

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