Recognised OceanWatch Master Fisherman are promoted to consumers and the community as:

  • having professional knowledge and skills backed by training and assessment
  • operating under international, national, state and regional regulations to ensure sustainable and responsible fishing
  • providing quality, local produced seafood to the community
Consumers can access web-based information

at the point of sale demonstrating that trained fishers adhere to international guidelines on best-practice, and are ethically and environmentally responsible and professional. This information is accessed using Quick Response (QR) codes as shortcuts to online information.

Scan the QR image below or click here to see an example of how a Master Fisherman can be promoted to consumers and the community.


If you do not already have a FREE smart-phone application, one can be acquired in 3 easy steps:

1) If you haven’t already, register your phone with the application store by clicking your ‘app store’ icon

2) Open the application store and search ‘QR code reader’ – any will be fine

3) Download. Once code reader is accessible on your phone, scan the code to learn more…

This project has been developed as a direct response to the NSW fishing industry research and development priorities of people development and improvement of industry’s profile in the community.